Whether developing branding for a personal or business venture, I continue to come back to three core components to make sure the message to the world honors the brands light within.

I created AWOL Strategy because of my own awakening where being dishonest with my own potential shook me to question what my path even is. I needed to venture within to discover my truth. Once I did, my message to the world was different and unique because it came from the heart.

Here are three essential pieces to differentiating your brand: 

  1. Know your truth: You’ll be tempted to head down the same well-trodden road your competitors are heading down. Go off-roading instead. Go AWOL. The world needs your fire. Your ideas. Your ability to carve your own path is a true gift and one the world should see. Turning your true path into a strength instead of something to run away from causes an awakened advantage in the world — starting from within.
  2. Ignite your magic: We all have a magical flame within us. Your reality (and brand) is created from your magical fire within. These are not to be mistaken with passions, but instead are ways you share your soul with the world. Awaken it to send new vibrations through the universe and act on it to reflect an authentic spark in your brand. In case you need help finding yours, you can take my Pathfinder Quiz here to discover yours today!
  3. Find your tribe: Once you have your truth and magic, you will begin to attract others with your intriguing alignment. These are people who will be drawn to your fire, align with your energy and need your service in some way. The tighter you can define this group of people, the better. Give them a name, build an image of them in your mind, and thank them day in and out for their support. Before you know it, you’ll have a whole tribe following you as you forge a new path!

After you’ve done the soul searching work on the above, you can begin to bring the pieces together and craft your brands message in the world. I love creating venn diagrams to see all the possible overlap. Once you know your truth (and it’s okay if it doesn’t feel positive!) you can tap into your magic to see how you can overcome this challenge and build opportunities for your tribe in the world. 

We are all born with a unique path. Discovering, awakening and heading down our destined path is perhaps the most important thing we all can do.

When you discover your true path, your steps seem to fall into place. The resources and opportunities will be there. Heck, you’ll even begin to guide others towards their path along the way. 

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