Who is Megan Koval?  



You’re probably wondering how I ended up becoming a female founder, world explorer and personal pathfinder, right? A lot of metrocards, post-its and ditching the corporate world (we’ll get to that in a bit). So it comes as no surprise that for the past decade, I’ve called myself a lot of things:

Versatile strategist

Visual storyteller

Brand builder

Scuba diver






Underneath it all are two passions shaping my greatest path yet: 

Expeditions, around the world to within.

This means not only having the wanderlust bug to see the world but to also venture within to see ones potential. This means heading off the beaten path to challenge the conventional stories that hinder our growth. Forging ahead with curiosity and courage to discover the ideal story to in turn, make it a reality.

Storytelling, in all forms.

Behind the journal, instrument and paint brush is my true art form, the story. No matter what you threw at me, I threw goosebumps back. So now, I help venturesome entrepreneurs and businesses not only discover their goosebump-worthy paths but also make it a reality. That’s my magic.

Whether you are looking to amplify your existing brand or just thinking about forging your own way, I can help. I'm excited to help inspire and guide your expedition ahead, dear friends!


Your trusted pathfinder,

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Professional Bio

Megan Koval is the founder of AWOL Strategy, a global brand strategy and communications destination for entrepreneurs and ventures off the beaten path. She’s the author of Color Your Calling, an interactive guidebook to fuel your introspective quest and make your calling a colorful reality. Her previous branding work can be found with Fortune 500 companies like NBCUniversal, mega brands like Nike and startups and nonprofits. Since launching AWOL Strategy, she has supported global entrepreneurs, coaches, authors and founders and helped them tap into their potential and articulate their purpose. Her clients have spanned from Manhattan, Manchester, Malaysia and more. Although based in New York City, her clientele mirrors her location independent pursuits.

Credentials & Education

  • BA from Columbia College Chicago, Marketing & Advertising (2011)

  • Media and Communications Strategy, Havas (2011 - 2014)

  • Brand and Communications Strategy, Maxus Global (2014 - 2017)

  • Brand Strategy and Consultation Services, Wolf & Wilhelmine (2017 - 2018)

  • Founder and CEO of AWOL Strategy (2018 - Present)